Fairs and Events

                      Upcoming and past trade fairs and events with participation of Siemens at your fingertips.

                      Upcoming fairs and events

                      Siemens fairs and events app for Android and iOS

                      Siemens fairs and events is your personal guide to Siemens’ activities at selected events providing fast access to all relevant event information via a new and improved user interface. It makes this application the ideal companion for your visit at every event with Siemens participation.

                      Whether before, during, or after the event – fairs and events gives you the information you need, all in one place.


                      New functions:

                      • Improved Augmented Reality navigation
                      • Language support for Chinese, German, Russian and Spanish

                      > Get your iOS Version

                      > Get the Android version


                      Recent fairs and events




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