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                      Customized power solutions for municipalities and distribution system operators (DSOs)

                      Municipalities and distribution system operators are at the forefront of implementing the transition to a new energy mix. Political expectations are for an optimized mix of conventional and renewable energy sources with intelligent power grids and storage systems. Industry and households expect a reliable power supply, while end customers expect reasonable prices and greater transparency. The trend towards increasing decentralization in power generation and supply to the grids is placing an enormous burden on the grids and equipment. Technical, engineering, organizational, and logistical solutions are available to compensate for this factor and to establish a sustainable energy system. Here Siemens has been making targeted investments in research and development for decades. Its comprehensive portfolio of solutions for modernizing and expanding grids is proven and ready for implementation – and it is continually being further developed.

                      Power grids are evolving to become smart grids. Read more in our white paper.

                      White Paper "Transactive Energy Systems"

                      Trends in the energy market

                      Smart solutions for increasingly complex challenges

                      Distributed generation of energy is growing, and so does energy from renewable sources. As a consequence maintaining grid stability becomes increasingly more difficult and costlier. Municipalities and distribution grid operators manage challenges like these with the help of new technologies and IT-based processes. With digital solutions, restoring power supply after a failure becomes a lot faster. Digitalization also facilitates load and generation management, optimizing your infrastructure, and efficiently operating power grids.
                      Additional offerings

                      Further solution packages for cities or communities

                      We further have a variety of specific solutions for mobility, gas distribution, as well as water and wastewater management for your needs.


                      Optimizing traffic and public transportation

                      Designing efficient and well-organized public transportation and traffic management systems is a major task for urban planners. Siemens offers a comprehensive portfolio that comprises everything from trams and metros – including rail electrification and automation – to infrastructure for e-vehicles and intelligent traffic control systems to manage the ever-increasing traffic in cities. At the same time it satisfies the citizen’s needs for fast and comfortable transportation and supports reduction of CO2 emissions and air pollution.

                      Gas distribution

                      Getting the most out of gas

                      Domestic gas is used as an efficient, ecofriendly energy source for residential heating and cooking, and municipalities are required to ensure a reliable and safe supply. Siemens offers solutions for powering gas facilities, managing gas distribution, reliable forecasting, and after-the-fact analysis. Our load management system ensures the optimal use of gas purchases and uses a holistic approach to take dispatchable storage, loads, and own generation into account while ensuring an uninterrupted supply.

                      Water and wastewater

                      Successfully managing water

                      Clean drinking water is a basic need in any community. Water production, drinking water treatment and distribution as well as managing water sewage are major tasks for any municipality. Siemens helps water utilities to run, control, and automate their facilities. We offer a modular water management system that supports the efficient operation of water transport and supply systems, including identifying and locating leaks as well as simulating network behavior.

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                      Reliable power distribution

                      Partnership for reliable power distribution

                      The integration of distributed energy systems, and the management of grids and processes, are simple and reliable with products and solutions from Siemens. With Siemens as your experienced partner, you gain a crucial edge when it comes to knowledge and skills, plus our proven expertise in precisely tailoring the solution to your needs. We look forward to advising you.

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