Consumer products

                      Siemens and affiliated companies offer private customers a diverse product portfolio, from electrical installation systems and home automation to security systems and hearing instruments as well as investment funds.

                      Customer service for Siemens home appliances

                      Service & contact for Siemens home appliances

                      * Home appliances:

                      The shares of Siemens AG in BSH Bosch und Siemens Hausger?te GmbH have been sold effective January 5, 2015. Accordingly, Siemens AG is no longer represented in the home appliances business. But the renamed BSH Hausger?te GmbH is furthermore authorized to use the trademark SIEMENS for home appliances.

                      ** Hearing instruments:

                      Sivantos GmbH is a brand license holder of Siemens AG. The business operations of the former Siemens AG hearing aid division have been combined into the Sivantos Group since early 2015.?




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